Competent educators are always learning and improving their crafts. They are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and teaching strategies as well as new information that they can leverage on to help develop professionally and help their students succeed. Simply put, they are willing to go an extra mile to grow their careers and help their students.

If you are a competent teacher or if you’ve always dreamt of becoming one, there are various professional learning activities that you can try out as part of your career development plan.

Join professional organizations

Whether you want to gain access to some of the top-rated teachers’ events in Canada, looking to learn about new opportunities in your field of study, network with your professional peers, or you simply want to have fun while meeting other professionals in your field, there are many professional associations in Canada that you can join. They include but not limited to Teachers’ Association (Canada), Canadian teachers federation, Canadian education association (CEA), and Canadian association of university teachers among others.

School/classroom visitation

You can visit your colleagues’ classroom to find out some of the teaching practices that they are using and use the same to expand your personal pedagogy. You will also get a chance to explore innovative alternatives that you can use to organize your teaching resources and professional development.


For years, conferences have been proven to provide effective teacher professional development opportunities, especially when integrated into a teacher’s ongoing career development plan. Check your local teachers’ association events calendar and take advantage of the available conferences and workshops.

Professional development schools

By definition, these are schools that collaborate and work with various universities across Canada on issues and problems that are relevant to today’s teach training, practices, and school systems. Through ongoing communication with education consultants and stakeholders, they identify various trends and challenges in the education sector and how they can be effectively mitigated.

Leadership development programs (LDP)

LDPs are programs that are designed to provide aspiring school administrators with an opportunity to learn more about their future roles and to increase the pool of applicants for such leadership positions. In Canada, most of these programs are developed locally within school jurisdictions or at provincial level. Some LDPs are recognized by universities and offered relevant teaching certificates while in other participants are encouraged to confirm similar arrangements with relevant universities based on the education degree programs that they offer.

Bottom Line

It is significant for teachers to have regular and ongoing opportunities for developing their careers. Ongoing teacher professional development helps in keeping you up-to-date on emerging teaching tools, new curriculum resources, learning trends and much more. There are more useful resources available at University of Western Ontario Faculty of Education.